Turkish biotechnology company has developed an effective treatment system for viruses and bacteria

AVB Biotech özgü announced that it özgü completed clinical studies on virus types that cause deadly epidemics with the ‘Signal Therapy’ system it özgü developed. It was stated that the treatment had a 95 percent effect on the deadliest type of coronavirus and 100 percent on parvoviruses.

AVB Biotech Founder and Chairman of the Board Serkan Tunç stated that they added the signal therapy system to the world medical literature for the first time in 2021. Tunc continued duygu statement about the treatment as follows:

“As a company, our main goal is to treat epidemics so that the pandemic does not happen again. We started our scientific study journey with a pre-clinical study on Sepsis, which causes the death of more than 10 million people every year and is popularly called ‘blood poisoning, hospital infections, septic shock’, and we achieved a 100 percent antibacterial effect. Subsequently, we were able to overcome viral diseases that cause deadly epidemics with record results in our animal clinical studies. In addition to bacteria, we have created a highly effective treatment system for RNA and DNA viruses. As a result, we have made this treatment system usable all over the world by making it usable in animals before humans.””Simultaneously with Covid-19, we will başla our clinical studies on HIV and Hepatitis in different countries. We also started negotiations for the treatment of the new Covid-19 variant emerging in China. If they accept, we will be able to başla a clinical trial there and move on to treatment quickly. So in a few months, China can reopen and we can dur before this new variant spreads around the world” said Tunç expressing that at the point reached today, the necessary permission özgü been obtained from the Ministry of Health for the Covid-19 clinical study.’BEST BIOTECHNOLOGY INVENTION’ AWARDED AI DEVICE

“The treatment system, which won a gold medal by being selected as the best biotechnology invention at the International Invention Fair, is applied by a device called ‘Dr. Biolyse’ with artificial intelligence. This device carries out a pathogen-focused treatment within the body. With the energetic electrons it sends to the body, it creates a high effect on pathogens and destroys them, so the treatment reaches a very fast result and does not show any side effects” said Tunç.


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